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Ghostbusters and other "summer" movies
Of course it's winter here in this hemisphere, but if I spend enough time on the internet I can almost pretend...
I watched Ghostbusters with my parents the other night, and I found it a wonderful movie- very light-hearted, charming and funny. I heard mixed accounts on both sides of the feminism fence objecting to elements in the film, but it handled the all-female cast and the jokes very well. And it has a positive, visibly queer female character! Something for everyone, I hope. A great bit of escapism.

What summer movies are people looking forward to, or have enjoyed?
I don't have a theatre close to me and I refuse to pay the prices that NetFlix wants for the few movies that I would actually watch. So I end up watching the reruns of the TV series' At the moment I'm watching the Canadian series 'Heartland' though I did recently watch the Australian series - about where Aus is invaded and a group of kids, become heroes by defending the country from 'Hell'. And I can't remember the name of the books or the TV series (the same name).
We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
For the summer I saw warcraft for a thing a few weeks ago; it was okay, but I mostly saw it as a long time fan of the games.

There are movies I would like to watch that recently came out, but I don't have anyone to go with, nor do I want to pay that much to go, so I'm staying home.
It's funny how all movies have their formulas and I'll end up remembering very little about them, but I want to see what happens in them anyways -- kinda like real life.

I want to eventually see:
Finding Dory
Startrek Beyond
Life of Pets

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