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New Image
My New Image

[Image: psychedlicman.gif]

I chose this because it seems so appropriate for my handle 'Beacon', and embodies the fusion of technology and quasi-mystical psychedelic imagery that symbolises my outlook and embodies my tastes in art, music, and philosophy. It is reminiscent of the visionary art of Alex Grey, whose prints have always inspired and fascinated me.

[Image: praying.jpg]
"Praying" - Alex Grey

The new image is also a symbol of a major transition in a life that had spiraled almost fatally out of control, and was all set to end pretty soon. For me it's a rebirth - a phoenix from the ashes. A new start in a form I barely recognise. It's also a chance to try and give something back to a forum that has given me so much support when I needed it.

Here's hoping that many more people can pulled back from the brink of the abyss, and find renewed strength from the much needed community of caring people who've made this place their home from home.

Even in the darkest place there are faint glimmers of light. Look out for them and hang onto them like your life depends on it, because it probably does. Hold onto them for long enough and eventually you'll find your way back blinking into the open sunlight wondering just how you got so lost...
I'm glad you're doing well. That image is horrifying.
beacon thank you for that! you have made me smile  :lv75:

i also love alex grey's artwork.
oh what fun it would be to blow my mind and fall into the sun
ah! I finally know the origin of your original avatar. It has a pretty interesting story.  Smile
"I want to thrive, not just survive." - Thrive, Switchfoot
I love the art..I'm not into the magical mystery tour mysticism stuff because it's mumbo jumbo in my opinion ONLY >Big Grin, but the art is great none the less.
Even though I may be atheist I still very much do enjoy listening to a lot of theist based music. Talent is talent even if some people don't want to give credit to where the credit really belongs, to the artists..
Thanks for the images..They are very cool indeed. A little creepy, but still cool Wink
Over 450 Classic Movies..full length and commercial free.. Completely free of charge!  Enjoy! (link no longer valid //dragon)

"The thought of suicide is a powerful solace: by means of it one gets through many a bad night" -- Friedrich Nietzsche

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