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Near-Death Experiences
NDEs really fascinate me. I've never had one myself. I imagine having one could bring back zest to one's life. Same with OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), although those aren't nearly as dramatic (unless you become very adept at "astral travel").

A couple of sites on the phenomena:

These sites have archives of NDEs (scroll down at to see the links). Here's one resulting from a suicide attempt:

"What emotions did you feel during the experience?            Brief confusion during the moments just prior to leaving my body. I tried to move my limbs in a panic realizing I was about to die. Moments after I think I died, I was looking down on my body from the side of my bed and I felt a deep disorientation before realizing I was not in my body anymore. Then shortly after a profound sense of well-being, love, warmth and peace."

One of many Coast to Coast radio sessions on NDEs:

NOTE: I do not necessarily believe in all of this, but it's one of the few purported spiritual, mystical phenomena I'm drawn to researching a bit about now and then (along with reincarnation).

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