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Thomas Campbell's Theory of Everything

YouTube clip

This man (a well-credentialed physicist with a bit of an unusual background) has a rather positive understanding of reality, told in his 'My Big T.O.E.' "trilogy". I have only read a bit of the first book, but I've listened to many interviews, recorded workshops, lectures, etc. Some of it resonates with me. There's a long lecture on his YouTube channel (twcjr44), and more stuff can be found via his site or elsewhere.

According to what he has come to understand, we are all progressing / or striving towards "becoming" love (to lower the entropy of our consciousness). In working towards this goal, we manifest in many different virtual worlds (this being one of them), where we are to grow through our experiences.

There have been a few threads on suicide in Campbell's discussion group, in case you're interested. Not surprisingly, suicide does not contribute to growth, because you're ending your experience packet prematurely, while there are still things left to learn. There's not punishment, but one might be expected to return to complete one's life lessons.

would you like a blog?

boolse, i dont believe i have talked to you before, but have seen your posts lately. 

welcome to css...sorry youre here.

thank you for contributing, and hope to see you sometime in chat.

Hi Thistle,

Prior to finding this board I've made a few posts at ASH, as 'GoAwaySunnyDay'. Nothing much.

No, thank you, I don't want a blog. Not much of a blogger-type. I read a bit in yours earlier though. But I might join the chat sometime, if I feel really down. Well, I'll more likely be busy crying then.

I'm so sorry we're all here.
Thomas Campbell is featured in 'The Path', a documentary (series to be?) on the after-life. The producers plan to do a follow-up, which will have more of Campbell's ideas in it.

I was initially drawn to the documentary because of my fascination with NDEs, OBEs and reincarnation, plus that I noticed it had several people tied to The Monroe Institute, which is about related altered states (look up Robert Monroe and Out of Body Experiences).

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