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I wrote this some time ago while thinking of a friend of mine from the chronic pain group I participate in. She is gone now, the pain was too terrible to tolerate. Some countrys are cruel in their pain managemnet policies. She lived in a different country than I do, but even that did not help her. We spoke repeatedly on the phone when she needed someone who had walked the walk and talked the talk. We gave each other comfort as long as we could.


The Second Monster

Like an invading army marching
Fate draws closer to me, watching
As a maple-syrup ribbon of pain
Over flows the cup of my soul

A terrible monster feeds on me
Stealing everything I hold dear
Devouring my soul by morsels
Prolifically touching lives

Some lives known to me
Some by intensity
Some by name
Some by voice

Terminal or not
We have the same need
To not feel alone
To share the monster

Good days and bad
Praying for each other
To a tone-deaf God
Who doesn’t hear us

Yet we continue our journeys
Till Fate marches too close
And a second monster looms
The monster called choice

I hate the monster called choice
And miss the lives taken from me
People I once called comrades
Angry I must go on alone

That was wonderful.... Thanks for sharing it with us...... Sorry about your friend.... :hug08:

Peace &  :ht:,
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