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Moderator Responsibilities
As you may have noticed, we again have a few moderators in both the forum and chat.  Their responsibilities are simple.  As it says in paragraph 1 of the terms of service:

"The reason for having a moderated forum at all is to create a safe and friendly environment for all members...."

Moderators are tasked with helping me to keep the forum and chat safe and friendly.  They will take swift action to curtail anything which does not support that goal.  If you disagree with a moderator decision, you may come to me privately.  I suggest you may wish to re-read paragraph 2 of the terms of service.

Remember, when moderators are fulfilling their official duties they are speaking with my voice.  Remember too that our moderators are also members who are chronically suicidal -- just like you. Almost all of their posts in forum are in their personal capacity and do not necessarily represent official forum policy or my position.

Finally, my moderators are not professional counselors, and it is not their duty to advise members who announce their imminent desire to commit suicide.  There are other resources that imminent members may use should they need to speak with someone.  While my moderators sincerely care about the members of this forum -- they wouldn't be moderators otherwise -- it is damaging to their own mental health to be thrust into the role of crisis counselors simply because their names are red.  They may, of course, talk with imminent members as individuals, not representatives of CSS.  Again, their duties are to help me provide a safe and friendly environment for all members.

Thanks for your understanding and support.


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