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what's the last movie that made you cry?
The Hours was great. I can't remember if it made me cry or not, but it surely touched me. Lately, I even start sobbing when I read a tragic personal story in the newspaper - perhaps I'm a bit of a crybaby Smile

I don't like comedies all that much - most of the times, I just don't think they're funny, and the laughing machines really get on my nerves. It's difficult for me to imagine that people would really laugh like that. There's one comedy I like though, in which the people are also slightly screwed up. That doesn't irk me all that much though. We're all weird in one way or another. Quite often, I realize that even everyday situations are quite weird when you think about it, and I start laughing out of nowhere.. Which in turn puts other people off at times  ???
I don't cry much at movies, but role playing games have a tendency to make me cry.

The lost movie that really made me tear up, and still does, would be V for Vendetta.  Especially the part where Evey's in jail and she hears the story of the woman who died there earlier.  :'(
That scene in VFV was pretty much the only thing that was left truly intact from the graphic novel. My favorite scene in the film, and one of the best passages in the GN. Made me let out a few tears.

If someone really want to cry, s/he could try watching Taegukgi / Brotherhood of War. The ending is heart-wrenching and actually induced face-stretching crying. I think the grimacing I made when I saw it almost rivals that which I do in my own depression-related crying fits.

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