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Drag me to hell movie review

Drag me to hell
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Phillip and I went to see this last night.  I love horror movies and so does he. Let me say I have never seen him this freaked by a movie. Chewing on his hand in between watching with his one eye while his head is partially turned.  It got me to jump and squirm more than a few times.

The story is simple. A bank loan officer refuses an extension on an old gypsy ladies mortgage.  She loses her home of 30 years and puts a curse on her.

This movie is a breathtaking change of pace for horror movies of late. It is full out balls to the wall psychological horror. No blood, no guts, no gore to really speak of.

The sequence of the gypsy attacking in the car was horrifying, hilarious, disturbing all at once. And does it incredibly well.  It has been ages since I have been to a horror movie where you can literally hear the audience squirm behind and around you.

It is sick and twisted.  It is in the class of The Exorcist when it comes to psychological scaring the crap out of you. There are no real cheap thrills in this movie. When they come, you don't see them coming so it scares you even more.

Sam Raimi, the guy who made the Evil Dead movies a cult hit is back big time. And brings back what made his stuff so good in the first place. His at times cartoonish violence and great attention to gross out details are all back with a vengenace.

The term "roller coaster ride" is often used to describe movies.  And all too often it is overused....but not in this case. It is definitely a roller coaster ride. It will make you cringe, squirm and laugh all in the same breath. Truly the most fun and best movie I have seen in a long long time.

Go check it out!
I love the Evil Dead movies but I don't usually go to see horror movies in the theater.  If I don't catch it next weekend or so I will definitely watch it when it comes out on Bluray.
definitely a movie to be seen in the theater....unless you have a giant screen tv and man eating sound really needs a big screen and loud booming sound system...
if you have this...can i come over and i'll bring the pizza and beer?
Hey, I'm glad I read this. I love horror movies too. I was raised on them. Smile

This sounds like one I should make a point of seeing in the theater. I didn't even know Sam Rami was involved in it. Shows how much I pay attention to anything going on in the media these days. I love the way he mixes comedy and horror so well.

Thanks for clueing me in.
Craziness is like Heaven. -- Jimi Hendrix
I saw it a year or so ago. I thought it was cheesy.  Tongue
"I want to thrive, not just survive." - Thrive, Switchfoot

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