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Just a understanding ear
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I'm not okay. And I know people can see that IRL. But no one seems to understand me. So I am looking for someone who will. Even if it's for a short time. Just be someone I can talk to. Be there to listen. Just be my friend.
There is darkness all around and darkness inside.
You know, you can always talk to us. Post somewhere. PM. Or talk in the chat (unfortunately, it's abandoned most of the time). I don't know if it's enough for you, but it's at least a possibility.
People often don't know how to deal with someone with problems. They see it, but they are too intimidated. If they knew they could save a life. A pity they don't know.
Is there a self-help group where you live? Maybe you can find an understanding RL ear out there.
A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die. ~ F. Kafka
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just backing up what Satiny said

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