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Don't want to
Jman is ready for this life to end. But he won't kill himself yet. He has people around and he can't actually find a way to do it. But Jman knows that he doesn't want to live life like this. He tried to talk to his roommates last night and that helped last night but he feels sad all the time. He's tired of it. Jman just wants to slip into oblivion.
There is darkness all around and darkness inside.
Jman I totally understand. It actually hurts to live and you think what's the point. But you have been chosen for a special purpose which is to love your family and friends and let them love you. It's a painful journey but you must keep fighting to live. If you don't they will be devastated. Their lives will never be the same and there will be a permanent hole in their hearts. Your purpose is to live through what others can't. You are a special kind of warrior!! Just by being you. You bring joy to their lives. Fight hard fellow warrior!

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