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Podcasts/ Audio dramas
Just out of curiosity... do any of you guys listen to podcasts? And more in particular, do you listen to audio dramas? I recently started listening to The Bright Sessions and ars Paradoxica. Which ones have you listened to?
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I rarely listen to gaming postcasts. But I listen quite often to audio dramas. My favourite one is an adaption of "Orlando. A biography" by Virginia Woolf. The last audio drama I listened to was "Love virtually", an adaption of a book by Daniel Glatthauer. It's all in German since it's much easier to understand for me. I have some English audio books, too, and I listen to them when I cannot sleep, because I need to concentrate much more which makes me tired. A friend of mine recommended this to me and it was a good idea in times where my mind was racing.
The Bright Sessions sounds really interesting. I'll have a look at it.
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Oh I haven't heard of the podcasts mentioned before. The Bright Sessions looks interesting I should give it a listen.

I personally mainly listen to D&D podcasts, and also to some comedy podcasts on Maximum Fun. I used to listen to a lot of BBC Radio shows too but it's been a while! And I also listened to Welcome To Night Vale back when it was starting but never got really far, even thought I really liked it.

Satiny I'd be interested in this audio adaptation of Orlando you mentioned! Could I find it easily on the internet? I've never read the book but I remember watching the movie adaptation starring Tilda Swinton and enjoying it.
As for the insomnia problems, it's not effective for everybody but have you tried ASMR? A friend of mine has been watching videos for years now and they got me into it a couple of years ago. At first I had a hard time finding videos that would work for me but there's a lot of diversity and once you find what you like and what you don't it can help? (for example some people don't like whispering, others can't handle clinking noises, some only listen to whispering/murmuring in a language they don't speak, or prefer to have almost complete silence with something visual to follow etc)
Yea corpsexquis, I could easily find it, but it's a German adaption.
I have never heard of ASMR before, I try to get away from displays half an hour before heading to bed. But I might try it if I have a time of insomnia again…
A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die. ~ F. Kafka
Ah, well sadly as you already know my German is absolutely awful... Maybe I'll find another adaptation in English!

As for ASMR, I personally started with a channel called Gentle Whispering, and focused on the videos with page flipping and other sounds related to reading. So I would usually just listen to the video and not watch the screen. Even if I end up watching videos I always use an application such as Dimly (or f.lux on the computer) to dim the screen and remove the blue lighting, it's easier on the eye and helps a lot if watching screens just before sleep makes it harder for you to fall asleep.
Anyway I won't hijack this thread with my ASMR talk anymore! Don't hesitate to send me a DM if you want more recs or advices =)

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