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Less known, yet awesome, Firefox Add-ons
1. Toggle animated GIFs

I guess, almost everyone knows Flashblock Add-on. It does, however, not stop the annoying GIFs, also rightfully nicknamed “flash gifs” (even though there’s no flash in them, and, on the other hand, some flash is even calming and doesn’t deserve the adjective “annoying”).
A very long time ago there was a perfect Add-on dealing with animated gifs, but sadly the author stopped working on it ages ago, so it doesn’t work with FF properly, except for truly ancient builds.

Despair no longer, here comes the savior:

I suggest the 2nd link, because it has an IMHO very important functionality of stopping the animation on moving the cursor away from the GIF.

My preferred mode:
Pause GIFs by default
Auto-play on hover
- and stop again when: unhovering

It does miss an IMO important option (that was available in the old Add-on) of playing every GIF once before stopping it. Such an option wouldn’t annoy you too much with an endless animation, yet normally you don’t miss it either. But nothing is perfect ^_-

2. Color That Site!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my eyes really hurt when I need to read white (bright) text on dark background on certain sites. Strangely it isn’t true for all dark backgrounds, some are even quite relaxing. Or maybe it's the color schema + content combination. A certain site with white text on dark lila background was terrible on my eyes, while a certain other with white text on dark turquoise background was/is perfectly fine.
^ That Add-on allows you not only to change brightness and hue of text and background color, but to adjust the images as well. For every domain or page separately.
Thanks for those BrightShadow. I can ignore animated GIFs unless they're really obnoxious - like half the screen and bright! But I'll have to keep the second one in mind to pay with because, like everyone, I do run into the occasional site that has some atrocious colours!

How about a comment on the One-Click Proxy Addon ...
We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
I'm sorry, I never used proxy addons.

Do you mean this addon: ?
I see, it has mixed reviews...
But me thinks, teh cheese is only free teh mouse trap :p
OK, maybe it's not a trap, but I just can't believe that one can get a fast and stable proxy connection, be sure that none of these proxies ever lets your IP leak, yet there are no security issues to worry about, yet no advertising, and all this for free. A proxy service (traffic) costs quite a bit money to run...

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