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Has anyone ever seen this movie?  It's by Lars Von Trier (my favorite director).  It opens with a series of slow motion scenes with classical music playing in the background, setting the mood perfectly.  Then it spends a great deal of time showing you the before during and after of a character named Justine's wedding.  Justine has very bad depression, and goes into an episode during the wedding that gets worse and worse.  There are many scenes with which I can strongly relate to.  You can see the pain behind her fake smiles during the wedding.  I sympathize with her even at her most extreme and irresponsible moments.  She's constantly isolating herself at key points during the wedding, and holding everything up because she is overwhelmed or just disconnected.

Also, as this is going on, there is a planet called "Melancholia" that is about to hit Earth.  They think it is going to pass by Earth, but are not certain.  Suddenly, as they start to believe they will be hit, and begin to lose hope of surviving it, the tables are turned, and Justine becomes quite calm and content, while those around her start to panic.

I thought it was an absolutely beautiful movie and would recommend it for anyone who can handle slower-paced films.
[url=http://""]Melancholia[/url] ... hmmmm  I watched a bit of it and it's on my list of movies to watch later (today). From the write up and your description, it sounds like one I'd watch.  Noto Bene:  I run ESET Antivirus / Firefox with add block plus.  If you're not at least as protected be very careful with that link.

BTW, you do some interesting things with music ... but it looks like you stopped about a year ago - what's with that??
We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
Oh I always use putlocker haha

And thank you!  Where did you come across it?  Soundcloud?  Is it something I posted somewhere, I don't remember lol.  And it's hard for me to just pick up and write.  I have to be inspired.  Sometimes I'll write 8 songs in a week.  8 songs well thought out and with much time put into each.  Sometimes I'll write one good song in a 6 month period and that's all I'll get.  If I just sit down with intent to write a song without it being spontaneous, sometimes I can get good stuff, but most often it's nothing that I'll consider as good or better than what I've previously put out, and that's always my standard for putting anything new out for people to listen.
Your FaceBook Link has a link to your SoundCloud website - and I'm nosy (and bored!)  I'll have to keep a watch on your SoundCloud!  (( I enjoy the easy listening variety of music and yours is enjoyable if I turn the volume down - which may not be your music, just the way it comes through ))
We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
Thanks Dragon!  If you like softer stuff, the playlist called "Bondage" towards the end has a lot of softer, more ambient stuff that you might like.

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