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I just finished a short book by Eric Brown entitled Kéthani

I begins with the "invasion" of earth by a beneficent race ( the Kéthani, of course ) What make it particularly interesting are several hypothesis:
If one has been implanted ( a matchbox sized device ) then when you "die" you're transported to the Kéthani Ship, resurrected and, after a six month education process either returned to Earth or allowed to join the ships going outward. 

What makes it especially interesting is the discussion of those who suicide - since you'll be resurrected and you know what the options are, the question of the morality of suicide becomes almost moot.

It's a 147 page novella, it sometimes drags but makes for an interesting read ...

If you'd like to read it, drop me a PM and I'll email you a copy to the email on file here.
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