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An anime fan (or rather an otaku), m, 41, is looking for a significant other
Perhaps I'll regret creating this thread, but feel like I don't have much to lose in my life anymore. The more I go on, the more I lose whatever light I had in my eyes and whatever warmth I had in my heart. Few more years or even months, and there may be nothing left anymore to give as a gift to the one, I've been waiting for my whole life...

But considering my luck, the one I'm writing this for probably will read it one day after I die.

Anyway, in short, I'm looking for a girl who:
- believes in the right to die (regardless the circumstances)
- is an anime fan (or an otaku)
- is at least a bit kawaii

Here's my profile, as well as what need or don't care about; I highlighted bold the parts, that are especially important to me:

As the title says, I'm 41, but I look rather young for my age. And I guess, I still look a bit cute.
==> she shouldn't look (much) older than me

My height / weight: 5'7'' (170 cm)  / 148 lb (67 kg), I'd say my body type is average.
==> her height & weight are not important for me, but she shouldn't be very overweight

I'm Caucasian, my eyes & hair are brown.
==> her race, eyes & hair color are not important for me

I've no serious illnesses ( I don't consider my death wish an "illness" ) or disabilities
==> I wouldn't mind if her health was much worse than mine

I'm a guy, and I'm attracted only to girls, but I guess, that I'd be more happy if I was born as a girl (and I'm pretty sure, that I'd be still attracted only to girls).
==> whether she's straight or bi - either option is fine

Anime is a big part of my life, and I hope that it stays this way.
==> she should like anime

I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol.
==> it's not important for me whether she smokes & drinks alcohol ; I might even drink with her to keep her company

I strongly believe, that anyone should be able to end their life in dignity, and even in the most pleasant way, as long it doesn't *directly* affect others (sure there's no right to kill or put others in great danger).
==> she should be pro-choice too (on suicide topic)

I'm against censorship. I think, that there should be no restrictions on books, art, games, etc. (no matter how wicked, "wrong" or even "harmful" someone may consider them).
==>  she should be pro-freedom too

I used to play MMORPGs at lot, but play very rarely nowdays
==> it would be great if we could play together some sci-fi or at least fantasy MMORPG from time to time, but that's not really necessary

I'm not religious.
==> as long as she's pro-choice & pro-freedom (s.a.), it doesn't really matter if she's religious

I live in Germany, but I wouldn't mind moving even to another continent.

I might edit this post later, since I probably forgot something important >.<

If you have a suggestion / advice to improve something in my post, please don't reply in the thread, but send me a PM.

A list of anime chars I'm similar to:
Hazumu (Kasimasi), Kazuto (UFO Princess Valkyrie), Yota (Video Girl Ai), Nyarlko (Haiyore), Keiichiro (Kowarekake no Orgel), Lain (Lain), BPS (BPS), Yuri (Alien Nine), Kazama (Sasameki Koto), Haruma (Chocotto Sister), Chise (Saikano) Kirito (Sword Art Online), Koichi & Mei (Another)

Here is an incomplete list of my favorite chars; but sure my significant other doesn't need to be like any of them:
Hajime & Utsutsu (Gatchaman Crowds), Ai Enma (Jigoku Shoujo), Riko (Anyamaru), Lain & Chisa Yomoda (Lain), Hazumu (Kasimasi), Nyarlko (Haiyore), Yuri (Alien Nine), Kazama (Sasameki Koto), Chise (Saikano), Mei (Another)

Here are some screenshots presenting the best combinations I could think of so far (great anime, likeable characters, nice mood, etc.)

[Image: adpXzpms.jpg]
[Image: accAuIJ5.jpg] [Image: aduYxnWd.jpg]

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