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Transfer of Ownership, Chronically Suicidal Support
it is not without a bit of pride that i write this.

in april of 2009, i saw a need for someplace other than ASH where people of our persuasion could gather and not worry about trolls lurking under our bridges.  we didn't allow them here, and old feuds started in other venues were not welcome either.

i created this place as a legacy that i hoped would outlive me, i did not intend to be around to see whether it prospered or failed.

the naysayers said it wouldn't last 3 months.  as we begin our fifth year, i do believe that we are here to stay.

i have been an absent owner lately.  not because my depression is gone, far from it.  i still have a couple of really bad days a week. 

i fell in love.  with a short, nerdy, jewish engineer who tells bad jokes and anagrams words. 

i don't know why, but i adore him.

in other words, im better but not healed; and i find my time extremely limited these days.

dragon, lurker, nightsong, liz....they are the ones keeping CSS going.  so today, i formalize what has been fact for a long time now. 

i hereby transfer all rights and ownership of Chronic Suicide Support to Dragon, to have and to hold in fee simple absolute; to operate as he sees fit; and i and my heirs hereby waive all residual ownership rights to any intellectual property contained therein.

list me as "founder" somewhere if you want.  that would be a nice title for me, don't you think?  founder lol....admin emeritus sounds too damned stuffy.  hell, i make 50 shades of grey look like a fucking children's book  :EB:

while i may return from time to time, i leave you in very capable hands.

love to you all. 

goodbye and hello, as always.


founder, chronically suicidal support

Thistle, it's with very mixed emotions that I read this note.
Of course that I'm very glad that you've found your "little Jewish engineer", that pleases me not end.  You deserve someone with whom you are happy and comfortable. Even if he does like bad jokes Smile  You could share a few of those, if you find time.

While I've been running the show for the founder who has, I know, had more on her plate than anyone should have, I have had some very capable help.  Their assistance has been a major part in why CSS has continued as well as it has. 

Lastly, I will accept ownership with the understanding that my staff continue to operate as well as they have.  I've made many changes over the past year, but don't expect to see any more in the near future ( or the distant future for that matter. )

Thistle, may your life continue as it's been going, you deserve all the happiness that you can find.  And of course, you're always welcome here - whether there's a need or not, come just visit anytime you want.

We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
I'm glad you found your happiness. We all need that.
"I want to thrive, not just survive." - Thrive, Switchfoot

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