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Forum Chat
One of the features here at CSS is the opportunity for real time interaction with other members through the chat feature.  This feature is accessible from the top menu bar.    The forum was set up so that we all could interact in a safe environment, and both admin and moderators are committed to making sure it stays safe for everyone. However, the chat here may not be exactly what you might be used to elsewhere.  Here are some important things to know about chat:

1.  Please make an introductory post on the forum BEFORE coming to chat
This helps everyone get an idea of who you are and why you're here- you don't have to tell your story a billion times for each member that comes into chat!

2. Chat is NOT continuously moderated
The administrators and moderators of this forum are all VOLUNTEERS. We do our best to keep an eye on the forum and respond to things in a timely manner, but being available to chat 24/7 is beyond our capability at this time.  We have to eat, sleep, do laundry, and do all that other stuff just like you. Smile   You can see who is in chat at the bottom of the main forum page, or you can see how many people are in chat by the number in parenthesis next to the chat link on the top menu bar.   (Sorry, that function is no longer available)

2. Unlike the forum, what is said in chat is NOT logged
Meaning that if no one else is in chat, they won't see what you're posting there.  And, once you log out of chat, the conversation is gone- you can't go back and see what you or someone else said to refresh your memory.  This is another reason it's good to have a post on the forum first. Some of us don't have much of a memory to speak of (:cough: NightSong :coughSmile so it makes life easier on everyone if we have something to which we can quickly refer back and jog our memory about you so you don't have to repeat things.

3. Chat is NOT a crisis chat
This was noted in the Terms of Service, but it bears repeating here as well.  No one here is a professional in mental health care.  We're all here to support each other because we're all struggling with chronic thoughts of suicide- including the admin and moderators.

4. Be patient
When in chat, please keep in mind that some people are slower at typing than others. Also,there are several reasons why someone may appear to be in chat but not actually respond to any messages.  They may have temporarily stepped away from their keyboard, they may be playing in the arcade and didn't realize someone new had come into chat... there are a host of reasons.  Hang in there and they'll usually be back relatively soon, or they will be automatically timed out if there is no activity after a certain amount of time.

This part is also already in the Terms of Service, but just to have all the chat stuff in the same place I will copy it here:
Quote:5. Similarly, chat is not logged for member safety and privacy. You are not allowed to copy and paste chunks of chat anywhere, including in forum messages, either here or outside the forum. Anyone found to have done so may be permanently banned. There is one exception to this rule. If neither myself nor one of my moderators are present in chat and another member says or does something you find objectionable, you may copy the chunk of offending chat and paste it ONLY into a private message to me along with a statement of your complaint. This is necessary so that I can have first-hand evidence of what you're complaining about and can take appropriate action.

6.All dice games can only be played with 6-sided dice
Just kidding! I just wanted to to keep you awake and make sure you were aware of the ability to play dice in chat. :-D
We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
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