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Anyone care to be a movie reviewer?
My laptop died on me so I can no longer update my movie site because this old slow pile of crap A. Has no sound card and B. Is to slow to view online movies so if there is anyone who would like to see their review skills on my site which gets a good share of traffic let me know.. It's not tough and there is no number of movies required to review.. 1, 2 or 10 per week if fine if you're up to it.. All you have to do is to find old movies not currently on the site, (I have a great source for finding PD movies)) make sure they're all public domain then copy the imbedding code and write a small review.. I'll walk you through the entire process..It's fairly automated so it's not tough.. You can lean it in a matter of minutes if you're brain is fully functioning.

Also if anyone had the capability to burn DVD movies I want to begin selling movie bundles from the site and I'm more than willing to share profits.. You'll need a way to convert MP4's and edit the titles then burn them to DVD and be willing to mail out orders, but it's an open opportunity for someone who wants to give it a shot.. I can run the site and handle running an online store and sales, but I can't burn DVDs or view movies anymore..
Check out the site to see what I'm talking about. The site is ONLY for older, public domain movies.. It's not for copyrighted material..
If interested drop me a line here as a private message and we'll see how your writing skills match up. Wink

Visit to check out the site..
Over 450 Classic Movies..full length and commercial free.. Completely free of charge!  Enjoy! (link no longer valid //dragon)

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