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The dragon ...
has been really out of touch for a few months and now has internet access again!  *THANK THE GODS!!*

He sees some new names around so let him give a general "Howdy, y'all!! Sorry to see you here, but damn glad that you *are* here!"

We've (( his dogs and him )) have got to get ready to take a trip back over to Houston to get some things he left in a friends care there (( like his big computer - this laptop is getting old! )) and have some stuff to take care of before he goes (( like laundry so he'll have something clean to wear over there! ))

For those who don't know the dragon, He's a 64 year old who's been suicidal since - well, he doesn't remember when, a long time ago - unmedicated depressive who handles life as it comes, sometimes it's great and sometimes it's the utter pits.  He's retired and now living on 5 acres in the Chihuahan desert - along with three dogs ( still have the Husky ) and other sundry wildlife - snakes, pecaries, lizards and coyotes to mention just a few.  Life without major stress has become a lot better.  He's building himself a cabin (16 x 12 to start, then it may get added on to) One of the *really* nice things is that he has almost no bills; electricity comes from the sun - but the batteries have been known to run down; water comes from the sky - and we need some, haven't seen a drop since he moved out here in December! the tanks are getting LOW!  Gas to town (16 miles to Terlingua / Study Butte) get's to be a problem at almost $4.00 the gallon, so he doesn't go into town very much - no big deal.  Food - well, he likes to eat so that's the major expense and since EVERYTHING gets hauled in here (the only city in the county is 80 miles away - and that's his mailing address) food stuff gets a bit pricey - hence another reason for the trip to Houston, need to stock up on some dry / canned goods.

Enough about the Dragon for now - you *ALL* take care of yourselves and he'll be seeing you 'round here again.

We live by each other and for each other. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
-- Helen Keller
I wonder if there is a way you could trap small game for food?

if it doesn't rain how will you get food?
"I want to thrive, not just survive." - Thrive, Switchfoot

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