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anyone care to play Spot that Suicide?
The thought just ran through my mind.. It's not to depress anyone..just something to do kind of like I spy with my little eye kind of thing.. :Smile Find suicides in movies.. It has to be a live link to a working movie anyone can watch online... Anyway..anyone want to play along? The game is "Spot that suicide"

In the flick Decoy: Earthbound Satellite (1958) a guy goes into debt gambling then knocks himself off in the beginning.. an early cop show.

In the movie Outer Gate (1937) there's a suicide plot involved, but it's a small side plot..

In the Agatha Christie thriller/mystery And Then There Were None (1945) the killer tries to induce one of his would be victims to hang him/herself..

You don't have to use my site.. google video has a bunch as does youtube and many others, but lets avoid the stupid ones on youtube of every depressed kid who wants to show the world "Ill show you to laugh it me in gym class" or such silliness..just full length movies that include a suicide of any kind.
Over 450 Classic Movies..full length and commercial free.. Completely free of charge!  Enjoy! (link no longer valid //dragon)

"The thought of suicide is a powerful solace: by means of it one gets through many a bad night" -- Friedrich Nietzsche
I've got an easy one: Donnie Darko

It's a crummy letter box version that might not be up too long.
Part 10 of 11 segments of the film.

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