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it hurts it hurt
(12-06-2010, 07:20 AM)jennymarie link Wrote: Thank you, Jenni. You have been really great in suggesting labeling things that I might want to send off to people (which I don't anymore but may anyway). And in supporting positive lines of thought as well providing insight. But live for yourself? Usually only hear that from women with husbands, kids, home, possibly single but with a career. Please don't ever say that to me again. At least until I have some of those things in my life? Then we can talk about being healthy and living for one's self. God I'm cranky  before a ciggy butt and coffee. [color=black]

Ok, Jenni does have a kid.... Never again will Jenni be married, been there, done that, no thank you.... What Jenni means by living for yourself is, if you're gonna ctb and you don't have kids/husband/whatnot that you can't worry about whether you'll be upsetting people online or whatever.... Jenni says this because a dear friend wanted to ctb, and spoke with Jenni a few days before he actually did ctb, and told Jenni that he didn't want to ctb because he was worried about letting people here down.... Jenni told him that he wouldn't be letting anyone down here, sure we'd be upset about him passing, but he couldn't stick around just for us (he suffered from physical pain, couldn't afford to go to a doctor, didn't have transportation, was on the verge of being evicted, and there was emotional issues too, but the physical pain was the bulk of why he wanted to ctb), Jenni told him that it was his choice and it had to be totally up to him and not to worry about letting people down.... Is that better than Jenni saying you have to live for yourself?? Or at least more clear in what Jenni meant?? Healthy living?? Ha... Jenni doesn't exactly live healthy, so we'll leave that discussion for 100 years from now (once we're all dead Smile)..... Mmmmmm, ciggy... Jenni thinks Jenni will smoke one now, thanks for bringing that up....

Peace &  :ht:,
The Eleventh Doctor: Nobody important? Blimey, that's amazing. You know that in nine hundred years of time and space and I've never met anybody who wasn't important before.

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