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Spiritual Insanity/ Yellow Religious Experiences
Thank ghod there's no "god" to decide who leads this species of man. WE ARE GOD. We are our own saviors and messiahs. YOU CAN DO NO WRONG. Start living your life you intended to live it.
and I do have children come up to me asking abput before the universe existed, before the black matter, before the orginal partical there was always some where to put all this stuff. it just spills all over the nothingness, but where did it come from you ask? from the anals of space? space refuse? an "intellectually" sound notion, but the TRUTH isn't always this palatable. the TRUTH isn't always from some college kids mouth. Ok, so we ARE bacteria in a sense thriving off the almighty pile of sh!t accumulated from microscopic black matter.
don't know why i wrote this stuff. must've seemed groundbreaking at the time
(12-01-2009, 05:42 AM)de Bris link Wrote: Yeah, our brain does funny things to us from time to time. There might be some weird hiccup in its metabolism, and it feels exactly like I'm having an insight so deep I should be awarded a Nobel Prize for that. Scary.

that used to happen to me all the time!

then i stopped using acid  ;D

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