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I guess if there were ever a reason to believe...
This would be it...I guess..
Either the bravest puddy tat or the dumbest puddy tat ever!
The dogs look more or less indifferent there.. "Ehhh..I had cat for breakfast.."

[Image: n1201965598_30123740_1821.jpg]
Over 450 Classic Movies..full length and commercial free.. Completely free of charge!  Enjoy! (link no longer valid //dragon)

"The thought of suicide is a powerful solace: by means of it one gets through many a bad night" -- Friedrich Nietzsche
I think there's a reason to believe when you're sitting in a room full of ex-alcoholics who by the grace of God have recovered.  Smile
"I want to thrive, not just survive." - Thrive, Switchfoot

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