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It rained for a whole moon, and
when the torrent bated
we went out walking.

I skipped along the curbside
splashing you with puddle muck
And laughing while you got soaked.

You laughed, too, because we'll be home
again soon, and you have
everything you will ever want or need.

I took off my dress
and peeled back the sheets;
The whole world was soft-white and cool,
a silver spoon
inside a glass of milk

You kept receding and appearing
like a beneficent ghost
behind your frozen breath of smoke, and
when you were finished you stubbed out every last ember
with the nail of your left thumb since you’re so fond
of little things.

I'm an imbecile for you.
You put your shoes on the bed, and
I worshipped your muddy footprints.
Your hair was in my mouth.

Then the rain fell again, harmonizing a melody
Of slack-jawed animal sounds and words.
By some spell, we slept
all the way
through the Flood

Now together, alone
The last ones on God's green earth.
one must imagine Sisyphus happy.
I should write poetry more often.  :-\. I used to.
"I want to thrive, not just survive." - Thrive, Switchfoot

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