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a pic I edited (before & after) - I call it "Looks can be deceiving"
[Image: inthemorningatwork.jpg]
[Image: inthemorningatwork-1.jpg]
That is cool looking.... Thanks for sharing it.....

Peace &  :ht:,
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I like the frame around it.. that looks really creative. Wink Try playing with the contrast and maybe edge detection a bit with the rest to bring out some detail If you use gimp there are some great filters you can use to put some really great effects on it.
It looks like somewhere in the northern part of the US..Perhaps Ohio or somewhere in that area? Just guessing. The house on the left looks to familiar.  :Smile
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(02-28-2010, 11:44 AM)livindeadgirl link Wrote: [Image: inthemorningatwork.jpg]
[Image: inthemorningatwork-1.jpg]

Very cool.
:APD: i love it!

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