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An Important Reminder
Everybody needs to re-familiarize themselves with my terms of service. 

There have been numerous violations lately in these categories especially, resulting in some of our members being hurt.  Specifically, there has been name calling, religious and racial slurs, and personal attacks on members; even more sadly, against some members who are the least equipped to defend themselves.

That's bullshit and I won't tolerate it.

These rules apply to CHAT as well as the FORUM.

7. This is a support forum. This means that your behavior on here must be supportive. Do not call another member names. Do not insult another member or personally attack them. You are free to disagree with something they say as long as you stick narrowly to the subject you are disagreeing with and don't start an argument or flame war. Flame wars will be nipped in the bud through post deletion, thread locking, private or public warnings to members, and possible suspension of accounts or permanent banning. If a threat has been locked and you feel that you have not been given a chance to respond, don't start another thread to post your response. Send me your concerns in a private message and I'll advise you on what you can do.  Remember this guiding principle in personal interactions and you will be fine:  "Challenge the issue and not the person."

11. Nothing you do on this forum is allowed to be inflammatory or to slur or discriminate against anyone on the basis of their race, color, creed, sexual preference, gender identity, profession, or any other personal category. To be safe, avoid making personal comments at all. If you have a potentially offensive joke you want to post in Happy Halls, or a link to potentially offensive material, check with me first in a private message.

If you are hassled in CHAT, and if neither myself nor one of my moderators are present and another member says or does something you find objectionable, you may copy the chunk of offending chat and paste it ONLY into a private message to me along with a statement of your complaint.  Do not call the other member out publicly.

This is the ONLY time you are allowed to cut and paste from chat.

I am severely pissed about this.  I don't give a damn if you are the biggest racist, misogynist, homophobe, or bigot on the whole effing planet; you can believe whatever you want, BUT WHEN YOU ARE IN HERE YOU WILL DAMN WELL KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.  And if you don't know what those words mean then GOOGLE THAT SHIT.

I think I am safe in assuming that we are all here for pretty much the same reason, and don't we have enough pain in our lives without piling it on each other?  I swear, if I find anyone putting rocks in another member's backpack I will shove them out the airlock.



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