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Continue the story - Jmliliana - 08-08-2017

I think there was one of these before, but I couldn't find it in my 10 second search, so here goes! Just continue the story! It can be as random as you want. It can be a short passage or a novel size passage. Let's see what we come up with!


There once was a dog named Splinky. Although his owners did not know it, Splinky could predict the future. One day, he was out on a walk with his owners when...

RE: Continue the story - Dragon - 08-08-2017

... this motorcycle came roaring down the road. Splinky started barking like mad ...

RE: Continue the story - millionth - 08-10-2017

... So his owners stopped to see what was riling him up. Just seconds later the motorcycle veered straight into the mailbox a few feet in front of them! Luckily the motorcyclist was alright...

RE: Continue the story - Satiny - 08-11-2017

One could still think that this was only a coincidence, but Splinky sensed things even some months before they happened… Every time he passed the lightning rod of his owner's old house, he sniffed at it and whimpered…

RE: Continue the story - Dragon - 08-11-2017

then, out of the blue, a thunderstorm popped up. Lightening, thunder, hail and rain all made Splinky ...

RE: Continue the story - takingitfromtheman - 11-13-2017

pull at his chain. Splinky's distracted owners released him. Motorbikes, memories, visions and scent all led Splinky ...