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Full Version: @Tagging and forum update
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Busy night and morning for me.  There was a forum update from the MyBB folks so we're now running v1.8.13.

At the same time, sorta, I picked up a plugin that allows you to 'Tag' users in messages as you're typing.  My thanks to @Jmliliana for her assistance getting this to work - she conveniently (for me) happened to be on while I was installing and testing.

When you want to tag someone, type an @ and a box will pop up, as you type a part of the name you will see suggestions - if you click on one of them (or complete typing the name) they will be tagged in your message and sent an alert.

To see what alerts you have, click on the "Alerts" icon (on the same line with "User CP") from there you can go to the message in which you were tagged, or delete all outstanding alerts.  They do not delete themselves automatically - you will have to delete them.

Enjoy and let me know how this works for you!! //al

BTW:  You will be sent an alert whenever you:
AlReceive alert for reputation?
   Receive alert for Private Message (PM)?
   Receive alert when added to buddylist?
   Receive alert when quoted in a post?
   Receive alert when somebody replies to your thread?
   Receive alert when somebody replies to one of your subscribed threads?
   Receive alert when one of your posts is liked?

You can change these by selecting the "User CP" -> (part way down on the left) "Alert Settings" 
Sounds cool, thanks!
I like the tagging feature - thanks!
Since you were insistent - and since the supporting plugins were already in place and working, I've added that other feature you requested.

We have quite a few people who browse the forum but never post much of anything ( "lurkers" ) and, by and large, that's fine.

But then someone posts a message that really hits home and they don't want to post but would like to be able to say "Thanks, I relate to that!" or maybe just "Thanks, I like that!" - - - so now they can!! At the bottom of each post (except your own) you'll see a "Add Thank You" icon.

I may make some configuration changes later, I'm still trying to make sure I understand how it works.
I like the add Thank You feature too @Dragon
These are both great features, thank you!
Glad you all like them and appreciate the feedback. Let's let these "settle" for a bit and then you can make some more suggestions.

... and Sorry, I really can't find any good game add-ons that look like they'll work. Most are designed for other types of software ...
(11-15-2017, 10:58 AM)Dragon Wrote: [ -> ]... and Sorry, I really can't find any good game add-ons that look like they'll work. Most are designed for other types of software ...

*cries* haha jk