Mission Statement:

Every year, nearly a million people worldwide complete their suicide, and 20 million more attempt it. Almost all of them are beset by sudden reversals of fortune that put them in crisis, and crisis intervention is widely available to them. But there is a tiny, little- known minority of people who spend years and even decades living with constant suicidal ideation while rarely reaching a crisis point. Many plan their suicides in meticulous, rational detail in order achieve a peaceful death and minimize how much they implicate the innocent when they die.

For those chronic suicidals, there is almost no place on earth to go for help. Nearly all suicidality assistance is offered on a crisis intervention model. This makes it impossible for chronically suicidal persons to discuss their feelings with a health care professional without being confined to a mental health facility even though they are not at risk. Many are surrounded by family, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers who do not understand chronic suicidality or even imagine the concept can exist. Thus, they are forced to suffer in secrecy, and, ironically, that makes it more likely that they will actually kill themselves.

This website is intended to be a resource for the chronically suicidal. Both the forum and chat are places where people can freely express what goes on inside them and be surrounded by those who share and understand their issues. They no longer have to feel alone.

Although some members here believe that suicide should be a free personal choice, not all do. Management takes no position on this issue and will accept members and discussion that are both permissive and prohibitive of suicide. It is not permitted to advise or encourage the commission of suicide or to discuss suicide methods in any significant detail. It is, however, permitted to share feelings on this life-shaping issue, commiserate with the stricken, make respectful offerings of hope, and remember the fallen.

If you are chronically suicidal or your life has been touched by someone who is, welcome to a place where people understand and don't judge you. Here, you will not be told to suck it up or shallowly reassured that there, there, it'll get better. No one will call you crazy because you have thoughts of ending your life. No one will look down on you for feeling that life is not good and the world is not a nice place. Most importantly, you will not be misunderstood or shunned, and will find a community of people who know just what it's like because they've been there and, in many cases, are still there.

You may join the forum or participate in live chat, or both. Your username and password that you chose when registering for the forum are also used in chat.

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